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The Higher State


The Higher State,  Kent, UK, formed in 2005.

The Higher State play authentic 60’s west coast sounding original songs and make records with a total disregard for the trends coming and going around them.

Their influences include… Love, The Byrds, The Buffalo Springfield, The 13th Floor Elevators, obscure Garage/Psych bands and so on.

The band is currently working on demos for their fourth LP due to be recorded in the spring and released later in the year.


April, 2006-From ‘Round Here  cd…Misty Lane/Teen Sound.

April, 2006-‘The Higher State’ logo button badge… State Records.

September, 2007-‘And in time’ b/w ‘If we don’t realise’ 7″ 45rpm Single… State Records.

September, 2007-‘7 and 7 is’  3 track CD(R) EP… State Records.

October, 2007-From ‘Round Here  LP…Misty Lane/Teen Sound.

October, 2008-‘Automatic Motion’ b/w ‘Trip on high 7″ 45rpm single… 13 O’Clock Records.

October, 2008-‘The Higher State’ ‘Automatic Motion’ sleeve image button badge… State Records.

October, 2008-‘Texas Special’ 3 track CD(R) EP… State Records.

November, 2008-‘Automatic Motion/You can forget about that’ Promo DVD(R)… State Records.

March, 2009-‘Darker By The Day’ LP… 13O’Clock Records.

August, 2009-‘Darker By The Day’ CD… 13O’Clock Records.

March, 2010-‘Song of the Autumn’ b/w ‘Precious Rings and Stones’ 7″ 45rpm single… 13O’Clock Records.

March, 2010-‘Darker By The Day’ T ShirtS… 13O’Clock Records.

September, 2011-‘I’ll always be around’ b/w ‘Transparent day’ 7″ 45rpm single… Get Hip Records.

October, 2011-‘Freakout at the Gallery’  LP/CD… 13O’Clock Records.

March, 2012-‘Live in the studio’ 4 Track + 3 Radio adverts CD(R) EP… State Records.

March, 2012-New logo button badge…State Records.

March, 2012-T shirts, New colors and now with added bubble !… 13O’Clock Records.

December, 2012 – ‘I just pretend’ b/w ‘Ain’t it hard’ 7″ 45rpm single… 13O’Clock Records.




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